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Welcome to the home page of Science in the Green. This web-site is an attempt to share my personal explorations towards developing an understanding of the nature of life; the substance(s) of which it is composed, and the processes with which it is involved. Of perhaps greater importance are my searches for the nature of that of which we are able to know and the different ways with which we may acquire that knowledge.

Created as a result of my involvement with the Professor L.W.J. Holleman Stichting [Trust] it remains however, very much, my responsibility.

Inspired by the indications given by Rudolf Steiner in his (biodynamic) agriculture lectures, Professor Wim Holleman believed he may have found evidence for the biological transmutation of chemical elements. If true, then plants and animals, including our selves, would be capable of "alchemy". He believed that the holistic, person centred way of science developed by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe may be a way to its understanding (Goethean science).

The consequences of these ideas being true is potentially revolutionary. Not only in terms of the fundamentals of physics, chemistry and biology; there would be tremendous advances in agriculture, medicine, and cleaning toxic waste, including highly dangerous radioactive materials. However, for myself, it is the possibility of a new way of understanding natural processes, which may enable a better understanding of our own selves, that I consider the most important.

I chose Science in the Green as a title to emphasise that these ideas are considered new, alternative, and largely unproven. They are therefore in the realm of fools. I will write of hardworking, conscientious, intellegent, trained academics, but they are considered to be fools. Personally, though sceptical by nature, I am entirely of an open mind as to the validity of many of their claims. Perhaps I am the greatest fool. Though I have a general science background, I am no specialist in anything of which I write. This web-site is merely an opportunity to share my efforts to understand some of the issues involved. As such it is, and always will be, a work in progress. It is very much about science in and of the green.

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